3d. Explanation of Exemptions


  1. From any wrong doing that leads to the advent or the advertisement of open safe policy, and/or financially insecure safety deposit box or its contents.
  2. Provide proof or proposal of any illegitimate government housing, marriage vow or estranged son, in such a manor, or minor, that the contents willed;
    1. Not belonging to custodial customer upon any named accounts or safety deposit contents.
    2. Neither under the property control of said bank facility bestowed upon the member FDIC remains insured to clause as ultimate deed holding.
  3. Acting on behalf ones baby face, (as an adult) or anyone named baby face, (as deceased) from being sufficient as keys to open anotherís safety deposit box.
  4. Tangible physical evident customer and box manager key combined use equaling proprietary granite in debriefing as commander and chief keys 1st and 2nd in rank.
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